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At Bancroft's, we believe in enriching the educational journey of our students through a diverse range of exciting school trips.These experiences are designed to not only enhance their understanding of various subjects but also to ignite their passion for learning and exploration.

Exploring History:

Our younger pupils embark on thrilling journeys to historical landmarks. From the medieval splendour of Rochester Castle to the stunning Canterbury Cathedral, they uncover the stories of the past. Those studying the First World War also embark on a poignant Battlefields Tour to northern France.

Geography Adventures:

As pupils progress, our geography trips take them further afield. They witness the “restless earth” in the volcanoes of Sicily, explore the landscapes of north Wales, and even jet off to international destinations like Barcelona, Ecuador, and Iceland.

Language Immersion:

Learning a new language is a journey best experienced firsthand. Our language trips offer students the opportunity to immerse themselves in Spanish, German, and French-speaking countries. From Salamanca to Ჹßڳܰ, and Nice to Spain, these trips emphasise oral communication, making language learning truly unforgettable.

Super Skiing Adventures:

Our annual Junior Ski Trip is a highlight for budding skiers of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced skier, these trips provide a chance to hit the slopes and make remarkable progress. For older students, our Senior Ski Trip offers a thrilling alpine experience.

Making a Difference:

We believe in giving back to the global community. Our volunteering trips to Costa Rica and Peru have seen students building classrooms and improving community facilities. More trips to Peru are planned for 2024, ensuring that our students continue to make a positive impact.

Sports and Culture:

Sports enthusiasts have the opportunity to train and compete internationally. Hockey, netball, cricket, and rugby teams embark on sports tours to destinations like Argentina, South Africa, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, and Barbados. Meanwhile, our talented Bancroft’s Players shine at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, sharing their creativity with a broader audience.

Adventurous Training:

Members of our CCF and Sea Scouts enjoy adventurous training in the Lake District and summer camps, fostering leadership and teamwork skills.

Exploring London:

We take full advantage of our proximity to London by organising regular trips to museums, galleries, and theatres. These outings provide a cultural immersion that complements classroom learning.

“With all the options we have available, there is no question of not finding something to do, the problem is finding enough time to do everything you want to.”

Lindsey, Sixth Former

Listen to our Podcast on Trips and Visits

Richard Hay is our Trips Coordinator, so when it comes to learning experiences outside the school, be that a theatre trip to London or a technology exploration in Japan, it’s Richard who has the task of making it all happen. In this episode we meet Richard to ask him more about the trips available at Bancrofts, why they’re important, and what parents and children need to know.

30 June 2023, 33 mins

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